Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Contest Rules Video

This contest is due by May 13th 2013.


  1. Hannah, how are we supposed to get our entries to you? I can take pictures of them and link them on my blog for you. I can have my students make them today and post them online.

    Mr. C

  2. Hello Hannah!
    Our class has a few questions for you.
    1. Will the winner of the contest be rewarded a prize or just the knowledge that you won? (And if so what would the prize be?)
    2. Would you considered extending the deadline? Our class just discovered your blog today and would like to enter some shirt designs.
    3. How do we submit our designs to you? (email? or regular postage?)
    Thanks for your help! We enjoyed your blog.
    Mrs. Diamond's 5th Grade Class- 1st period
    Little Cypress-Mauriceville

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for looking at my blog and looking into doing my contest. Well the winner will get their design on a real t-shirt. I just posted if your out of town how to give your design to me. I will change the deadline to the 15th of May.Thanks again. Bye.- Hannah

  3. Oh, my, Hannah!
    What a great idea! I just saw this blog, as well, so good luck getting more submissions! How do people enter??
    Thanks for the fun idea!

    1. Thank you! I hope you loved my blog thank you.